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My name is Tiwa Oladunmoye and I am the beauty and brains behind Kalani Collective. I am the proud black owner of this small business as it is something I have worked very hard to develop. 'Kalani' is a beauty company that aims to always provide our customers with the best. We believe that beauty should be affordable and aspire to encourage women (and men) all around the world to appreciate beyond their natural beauty.


My joy for this company comes from seeing customers wear our products proudly and with confidence. We want you to have the best, look the best and feel the best!

Makeup helped me find a way to see my natural self in a more beautiful state, empowering me to love myself even more. Beauty products have the power to transform lives. I started this company to provide quality, cheap alternatives to everyday beauty problems and have envisioned it growing beyond this mission.


 Kalani Collective is for EVERYONE.